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I am a Computer Science Engineering graduate from the University of Antioquia and a software developer with more than 6 years of experience in Front End Development.

I have worked with agile methodologies like Scrum and SAFe with teams of different sizes. My work is based on perseverance, effort, responsibility and discipline, which is reflected in doing things to the best of my ability and always seeking to improve in order to obtain better results.

Team work
Software engineering
Web Development
Agile methodologies

<My work experience/>


Mercado Libre - Software Engineer

September 2023

ABATECH - Frontend Developer

June 2023

  • Developed an npm package to reduce duplicated code and help with maintainability.
  • Worked on implementation to reduce the loading time of a view by 8 seconds.
  • Worked on a refactor of a micro frontend with React implementing a new architecture and Typescript to improve DX, quality, and maintainability.

Gorilla Logic - Frontend Developer

September 2020

  • Developed 2 micro frontends for a web app using Angular and Nx, for a leading company in the USA in the Property Management Industry, allowing companies to manage properties day-to-day, impacting millions of people.
  • Built a Proof of Concept to choose the best library to display data on fully customizable tables to allow built components that behave depending on the kind of data and user.
  • Built a component with a dynamic form to be used to filter data to generate thousands of reports.
  • Implemented a feature to allow users to watch a summary of all their information and have access to more details about it.

Pragma - Frontend Developer

July 2017

  • Maintained and developed new features for a Hybrid Application using Ionic used by thousands of clients of colombian financial company.
  • Maintained web applications using Angular to allow users to keep track of their data and make requests to update it.
  • Refactored web application using Angular for colombian company and increased performance
  • Created and implemented the basic structure for web and hybrid applications using Ionic and Angular that shared components for a Colombian bank.
  • Developed responsive components using Ionic and Angular that were used in web and hybrid applications for a Colombian bank.

Pragma - Intern

December 2016

  • Developed a Hybrid (Android and iOS) App using Ionic and Angular, to allow thousands of users of a colombian company can keep track of the money they need to get the car that they want and events of the company.

<My projects/>


Boa Payments

Boa Payments is an application where you can list all your loans and debts. You can also register and track the payments to those loans and debts.

This project was created with Vite and developed with Vue 3, Tailwindcss for styles and design system, Firebase as backend, Pinia as state manager, Vue Router as router manager, Vitest for unit tests, Husky to handle git hooks and Storybook to see isolated components.


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Boa Shoplist

Boa Shoplist is an application where you can do lists for your purchases. For example a list for birthday gifts. You can add products, quantity and units to measure your quantity

This project was created with Vite and developed with React, Tailwindcss for styles and design system, Supabase as backend, Context API as state manager, React Router as router manager, and Husky to handle git hooks.


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Star Wars Documentation

Star Wars Documentation is an application where you can find information about characters and different things inside Star Wars world. An example, it is the planets

This project was created with Vite and developed with Vue, Tailwindcss for styles and design system, Pinia as state manager, and Vue Router as router manager.


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<My articles/>

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Resources for developers

"Feb 2023"

In this article you will find a list of resources for devs, where you will see variety of tools for different objectives as animations, formatters, pages where you can find out inspiration for your designs, etc...

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React Issues

"Mar 2023"

In this article you will find a compilation of issues that I have experienced while I learn, study, and work with React. Also, I will show you how I resolved that issues.

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Opinion Angular Vue React

"Apr 2023"

In this article you will find my opinion about Angular, Vue, and React. Some differences and similarities that I noticed. Strengths and weaknesses of each one. Finally some comments about the future

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